My Top 5 Favorite Design Trends on Pinterest


If you read sites like this one, then I trust you are also a Pinterest fan. It’s still my number one source of design inspiration. And how I pass the time in basically any line in which I ever stand. I always find it interesting to learn what’s currently poppin’ on Pinterest. You can certainly spot trends before they inundate the masses. Pinterest actually just released a study of the 2o rising design trends that are currently catching fire on the platform. There are some more obvious ones like clothing racks and removable wallpaper, but there definitely some interesting ones in there too. Keep scrolling to see my list of favorites.

First up, terracotta. It’s popularity on Pinterest has grown 36% lately. Not the literal tile, but the color has been creeping into my consciousness and my feed for awhile now and I’m loving it.

Love for round bathroom mirrors has also grown over 30%, and it’s easy to see why. I put one in my guest bath too!

Hats as decor is another genius idea. It’s a perfect go-between while you’re waiting to build your art collection or simply need a place to store your hats. (note to self: become a hat person)

The love for urban jungles has been growing continually and I’ve certainly espoused adding plants to your house. But adding shower plants has grown over 300% on Pinterest! It would be fun to feel like you’re bathing in the wild.

While bar carts have been all the rage for I can’t remember how long, vertical bars are now catching fire (growing 300% on Pinterest). It’s easy to understand why. They’re space saving, they can be easy to DIY or  an be made super chic like the option above. It’s making me want to get my vertical bar game on.

I’m curious. Which of these trends is your favorite? Have you seen any others popping on your Pinterest feed?

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