4 Mid-Century Vintage Rug Styles That Are Perfect For Modern Interiors


Today’s chicest interiors are eclectic, refined, and comfortable. While many antique rug styles make wonderful flooring choices for contemporary homes, vintage Mid-Century rugs add a wonderful touch of color and style to the rooms which incorporate them. Read on to learn about Nazmiyal Collection‘s vintage rug collection, and four styles of Mid-Century rugs that feel completely at home in modern interior designs.

1. Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

Scandinavian rugs and carpets are among the most celebrated floor coverings today. These unique and beautiful compositions are celebrated for their unique aesthetic, as well as their superior quality. Though there is no one single quality that unifies the wide range of Scandinavian rugs and carpets, there are certain characteristics that give the style its distinct overall quality. The primary aesthetic device employed by the weavers of these carpets is a unique marrying together of classical carpet design with modern aesthetics. Working during the mid-twentieth century, the great Scandinavian carpet weavers created pieces with traditional formats, but with bright pastel colors; conventional compositions, but with geometric embellishments. These unique works defined a genre, and are beautifully suited to a wide range of interiors – not least of all those that look to the mid-twentieth century for inspiration.

2. Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Despite their ancient origins, vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets are uniquely suited to the aesthetics that dominate today’s interior design trends. Morocco boasts a weaving tradition that goes back centuries, but some of the most intriguing examples are those that were woven during the mid-twentieth century. Though the prevailing style that makes Moroccan rugs and carpets so distinct had long been established by this time, it was around then that it first became known to artists and designers in the Western world. During the mid-century, giants such as Le Corbusier began to incorporate Moroccan rugs into their designs. The uniquely minimalistic and tribal qualities that characterize these rugs, as well as their monochromatic palettes make them beautifully suited to contemporary interiors.

3. Vintage Art Deco Rugs

When the Art Deco movement burst onto the stage during the early decades of the twentieth century, just about every field of art and design was radically affected. Suddenly, the prevailing aesthetic notions emphasized neoclassical depictions of human figures, as well as geometric boldness. The Art Deco aesthetic worked its way into architecture, sculpture, painting, interior design, and countless other fields. Some of the most recognizable and iconic buildings that make up the New York City skyline, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, exemplify the Art Deco style. There are some truly exceptional rugs and carpets from this period as well, many of which beautifully showcase the Art Deco style. Expressive and bold, these assertive and confident works are beautifully suited to today’s interiors – especially those with mid-century furnishings.

4. Vintage Rugs by Artists

Some of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century lent their talents to the production of some fantastic and unique vintage carpets. Artists as well-known as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso were responsible for designing some truly fantastic vintage rugs and carpets. The unique and pioneering styles of these great artists, from Cubism to Surrealism to Pop Art, each have wonderful examples in rugs. The bight and vibrant style of Corneille, for instance, is beautifully suited to rugs and carpets, which then offer a unique opportunity to add a splash of color to a more subtly decorated space. Similarly, a vintage carpet featuring the pop art designs of Roy Lichtenstein can make a radical statement in a more conservatively arranged room. Just as the twentieth century gave us some of the most important artists of all time, so too did it give us some of the most important rugs and carpets.

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