20 Cool And Creative Sofa Designs


Ashamed to admit it, but we pandas are so lazy and bored that most of the time we spend our days lying and breathing air. We are too cute to work, too lazy to have sex – well, you know what I mean..

However, every serious hobby requires investment, and by that I mean getting a really good sofa!

Because we understand that there are many more pandas facing this problem of finding a suitable sofa design, we even stopped lying for a while and did a research.

And here are the results: 20 most creative and unique modern sofa design examples!

Now all you have to do is pick one 🙂

1. Wall Climbing Sofa

 Perfect solution for getting a full size couch into your tiny room, if only it was flexible

2. Stuffed Animal Sofa

Displayed at Harrod’s store, this sofa is a perfect example how to make use of all you stuffed teddies.

3. Cactus Sofa

Of course we shouldn’t forget those who love to hurt themselves, and this cactus sofa is really good at it.

4. Candy Sofa

Designed by Matteo Thun for Italian furniture maker Rossi di Albizzate, the Tantisassi looks more like a bowl of M&M’s than your standard sofa

5. Porcupine Sofa

This is the type of furniture you’ve got if you’re awesome. Look at it! It’s a gal-darn porcupine on it’s side! On it you can sit! On it you can lie. It’s completely adaptable, and not recommended for cats. Unless you’ve got one of those hairless cats.

6. Ball Pillow Conglomerate

The outside 9 balls of this sofa are filled with low-density foam, while the other 40 balls are filled with high-density foam. Between every three balls there is, of course, a gap, through which another ball can fit and stay put. Each of the 9 perimeter balls can be squished, put through the gap and let go to expand and stay!

7. Cross Sofa

 Cross’ sofas give an element of creativity to the user, proving that high design can indeed be democratic

8. Pillow Sofa

If you are pillow freak, this is your dream-come-true sofa.

9. Alien Inspiration

In 1999, Lithuanian designer Jonas Jurgaitis was captured by aliens, upon his return to earth, he immediately began to sketch out a sofa design that he was told to pass along to us here on earth.

10. Brush Sofa

Inspired by the shape a toothbrush, this will not only be comfortable to sleep on, but also useful for any giant serious about oral hygiene.

11. Feel The Deluxe

The Feel Deluxe is made of 120 soft and extremely pleasant balls.

12. Styrofoam Sofa

Designer took some styrofoam and molded them into furniture

13. Blow Sofa

Made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags, the size of the sofa when fully inflated is 180 cm in width and 90cm in height..

inflated is 180 cm in width and 90cm in height.. (Designed by: malafor)

14. Tetris Sofa

If you’ve ever played Tetris you should already know what to do with this sofa.

15. Bocca Sofa

The famous lipstick-red sofa adds a smile and some romance to any environment.

16. Loope Sofa

This unique seating arrangement is constructed from a single piece of red oak, cushioned with pleather-covered, high-density foam. The possibilities are great for modular combinations—side-by-side and end-to-end offer some interesting options

17. The Egg Sofa

Egg Sofa shouldn’t cause any problems for an experienced yogi but if you are a mere mortal – skip to the next example.

18. Space Invaders Sofa

This is what happens when you let the geeks design a sofa.

19. Wallfa

Wallfa is an intriguing two sided piece of furniture that is both wall and sofa. It offers a comfortable sitting area that becomes playful when users interact from both sides of the wall. Movement, sound and touch hint at what might be happening on the other side.

20. Phat Knitt

PHAT KNITS is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products.

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