15 Clever Kmart Hacks That’ll Take Your Decor To The Next Level


Why fork out the big bucks when Kmart has everything you need?

1. Candle Holder – $7

Turn this candle holder into a unique vase! Keep it copper or paint it to match your decor.
2. Lamp – $20

Some glittery gold tape and a lick of blue paint turn this lamp into something that’d look great in a kids room – or your own!
3. Cushion- $5

Take an ordinary black cushion and make it look like it’s come straight from a showroom with a few spots of metallic fabric paint.
4. Stool- $12

All it takes is a new colour scheme to take this stool to another level. If you don’t like pink, it’d work just as well in blue, or even with silver or black on the legs.
5. Pot- $12 and stand- $6

By softening the industrial look of this clay pot, it’ll look just as good inside as it does in your garden.
6. Stand- $6 and tray- $8

If you’re not really a pot plant person, turn your stand into a handy side table by putting a tray on top. You can make it more stable by drilling it on, but it’s not necessary.
7. Lamp- $20

A simple white lamp has so much potential once you add a splash of colour.
8. Pot- $12

No creativity or craftiness required for this hack- just a good knot. Replace the chain with some sturdy rope and you’ve got one aesthetically pleasing hanging plant.
9. Cloud hooks- $5 for three

Take these cloud hooks from kids room to living room by adding the paint colour and washi tape of your choice!
10. Basket- $12

Jazz up your plastic pot plants by simply putting them in this basket! No painting required!
11. Test Tube Vases- $5

This flower display is already so pretty, but make it more ~your own~ by painting it to fit in with your home’s colour scheme.
12. Storage Unit – $12

A coat of paint helps make these drawers more personal and unique. If you don’t have the steadiest hands, just use contact paper!
13. Clock- $10

Make your clock stand out by painting the numbers with acrylic paint.
14. Jar- $9

Use the bottom half of this pineapple jar as a pot for your herbs or succulents. (You might need to drill holes in the bottom, or keep the plant in its original plastic pot inside the jar.)
15. Ceramic cactus – $7

Make this salmon cactus a little more pleasing on the eyes by paining with whatever colour or pattern you like!

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