10 Of The Best Places To Buy Mid-Century Modern Decor Online


Here’s where to find unique goods from the past for your future home.

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1. The White Pepper

Christina (the owner of The White Pepper) grew up rummaging through antique and junk stores with her mother, now she continues the tradition with her son. You’ll find a variety of mid-century modern finds in her shop: from furniture to decor.
Pricing: $9 to $860

2. Retromania 1331

Your plants would *love* to spend their lives housed in a beautiful mid-century modern pot. Give in to their demands and buy them one at Retromania 1331.
Pricing: $9 to $116

3. Vintage Moods

Let there be (mid-century) light! Seriously, though. This shop has a wide array of vintage lamps that–miraculously–still function.
Pricing: $32 to $374

4. Öppning

Gorgeous vintage pieces shipped from Germany right to your door. The display stand above is definitely the coolest thing in the shop and needs to be snapped up by some lucky buyer immediately. You could use it to display plants, shoes, your owl collection…so many options.
Pricing: $16 to $558

5. Modern Squirrel

1. A “modern” squirrel living in a tree with miniature mid-century modern furniture would be adorable.
2. Having a dinner party using some of the charming dinnerware in the Modern Squirrel shop would *also* be adorable (not at quite the same level, but near it).
Pricing: $19 to $695

6. Mid Century Møbler

Mid Century Møbler is the largest mid-century furniture dealer in Northern California and if you can’t make it to the brick and mortar store, their web shop is the next best option. Everything is in immaculate condition to the extent that you may find it hard to believe that the furniture is over 50 years old.
Pricing: $275 to $7,500

7. New Documents

New Documents has a marvelous selection of records with album art by mid-century modern graphic designers. Buy a few and frame them to hang on your wall (or to listen to the music–either option works).
Pricing: $5 to $175

8. Luola

“Luola” means cave in Finnish: one can only dream of finding a magical cave filled with the eclectic array of vintage decor items found in this shop.
Pricing: $9 to $324

9. Surprise U

Surprise U = a shop that keeps “surprising you with something vintage.” It’s a true statement! As you go through each page of items you’ll be pleasantly surprised again and again by the fanciful selection.
Pricing: $4 to $40

10. Retro Fat Lava

“Fat lava” is highly collectible type of German pottery from the mid-century modern design era. Nothing would look better sitting on a vintage credenza and this aptly name shop is the perfect place to start a collection of your own.
Pricing: $16 to $139


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