10 Art Deco Rugs That Are Perfect For Contemporary Interiors


The Deco period was an international design movement from 1920’s to 1940’s. It produced a mix of many different styles borrowing design influences from neoclassical, constructivism, cubism, modernism and art nouveau. The Art Deco movement led to the evolution of the carpet revolution. Antique carpets made before the 1920’s, especially the more refined oriental carpets, did not compliment the modern decor and Art Deco furnishings. A new style was taking shape that reflected this movement. Carpet design evolved from floral to angular elegance with modern, abstract and figurative motifs. The color palate is both bold and muted with interesting juxtapositions of light and dark. The design is frequently spare, geometric, and architectural with a luxurious feel. Vintage Art Deco Carpets are a great way to add a sense of 20th Century glamour to your contemporary space!

1. Art Deco Kilim From India 48030

Vintage Art Deco Kilim, India, Circa: Early 20th Century, 1930 – Here is an impressive and unique vintage Oriental rug – an vintage Art Deco Kilim, woven in India sometime during the 1930’s. The Art Deco movement from which this carpet emerged was a wide-reaching art movement that had a tremendous impact on contemporary aesthetics. In contrast to the Art Nouveau movement, on whose heels it followed, the Art Deco movement is generally characterized as geometric and stylistic, with an emphasis on a sort of reworked neoclassical ideal of aesthetic beauty. This particular carpet demonstrates the experimental nature of Art Deco: for despite its age and origination in India, this 1930’s era carpet is exceptionally modern. Rather than boasting the elaborate and traditional decorative qualities of antique Oriental rugs, this carpet features a design of rectilinear line work set against an otherwise unadorned field of soft brown. Blue and pale ivory lines are thin and straightforward. On top is a wider line, red, with diamond shaped cutouts. Strong despite its simplicity, this antique Art Deco carpet is an intriguing example.


2. Gorgeous French Art Deco Rug by Leleu 48257

Art Deco Rugs by Leleu – The interior design firm Leleu, named for the family who founded it, was one of the most prominent and well-respected design houses of the 20th century. From furniture design to textiles and beautiful rugs, Leleu was known for its chic and modern creations. The Nazmiyal Collection is thrilled to announce the addition of three Leleu rugs to our collection.


3. Vintage French Deco Rug 47638

Vintage French Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Mid-20th Century – Here is a beautiful rug – a French Art Deco composition, woven in the height of that erstwhile style. Art Deco was a highly influential design style with its origins in 1920’s France. Over the following decades, leading up to the Second World War, Art Deco enjoyed enormous popularity, and was widely accepted as the appropriate design style for the time period by contemporaries, who admired it for its incorporation of machine age imagery and aesthetics. A distinctly modern style, Art Deco emphasizes geometric figures, elaborate detail work and ornamentation, and bold, assertive colors. This particular French rug beautifully captures the spirit of the Art Deco style, especially in the stately rectilinear figures of contrasting shades of red that adorn the upper and lower portion of the carpet. Appearing as the tops of skyscrapers poking above the clouds, these figures underscore the design of this carpet, which elegantly articulates the Art Deco emphasis on the modern and the new. Simple and bold at the same time, the decoration in this carpet is intriguing and beautifully rendered.


4. Vintage French Art Deco Carpet signed DM 47549

Vintage French Art Deco Carpet, Origin: France, Circa: 1920 – In recent years, the design aesthetics of the French Art Deco period – which first burst onto the scene in the 1910’s and remained hugely important up until World War II – have enjoyed a renewed interest. Generally speaking, Art Deco is characterized by rich color, bold shapes, and lavish ornamentation. This beautiful vintage rug, which is contemporary with the height of the Art Deco movement, espouses each of these qualities. The reds and pinks though the design of this impressive rug is worked are confident as well as eye catching. Geometric figures appear throughout the piece, and even the more concrete portraits that are the central subject largely consist of exaggerated geometric impressions. Finally, the lavish ornamentation that is so central to Art Deco values is very present here, with lines and shapes decorating the areas of negative space throughout. Attributed to the Decoration Interieure Moderne, this Art Deco carpet is authentic as it is timelessly appealing.


5. Vintage French Art Deco Rug

Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Early 20th Century – Suited to the pop art tastes that would follow, this vibrant French Art Deco rug features a contemporary color palette of sunny yellow, bubblegum pink, cocoa brown, spring green and ivory. Cheery daisies, delicate rosebuds and stylized blossoms arranged in a naturalistic composition decorate the field replacing the need for a formal medallion and ornate borders, a whimsy typical of vintage rugs. This thoroughly modern Art Deco carpet has unique precursors that hint toward the minimalist trends and pop art fashions that emerged later in the 20th century. This casual French rug woven in the 1920s features an exotic floral design and a fresh color palette with tremendous Art Deco appeal.


6. Beautiful French Art Deco Rug 48236

French Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Mid-Twentieth Century – Here is a beautiful vintage carpet – an Art Deco rug that was woven in France during the middle decades of the twentieth century. Characterized by a bright and lively color pallet as well as a fanciful and energetic design, this Art Deco carpet is a delightful example. The advent of the Art Deco style, which saw its influence peak during the 1930’s, was an important development in the art world, influencing fields as varied as architecture and industrial design, urban planning and painting. This lovely Art Deco carpet from France conveys some of the more notable aesthetic flourishes for which the movement is celebrated, including exciting geometric design elements and an embellished presentation of superficial three-dimensional spaces. The ivory field seems to rest on a totally different plane than the motley colored and striped borders. Further, the rectilinear presentation of the bands that make up the borders contrast beautifully with the lovely rounded floral elements that surround the field. A beautiful example, this vintage Art Deco French rug exemplifies an important development in the art world.


7. Vintage Art Deco French Rug 1924

Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: 1900 – This intriguing piece – an “Arts and Crafts” rug from France, made some time around the turn of the twentieth century — is something truly unique in the world of vintage rugs. For instance, although the medallion or cartouche format of this elegant antique rug is still very much consistent with the Savonnerie tradition, the stylized floral detail and quatrefoil medallions are derived from another period — they are actually of medieval inspiration. It is this interesting juxtaposition — which is as charming as it is stark to a trained eye — that identifies this piece as an example of the eclectic Arts and Crafts Movement that was influential in Europe in the early twentieth century. The lovely, subdued palette of soft purple, tans, and sandy gold accentuate the reserved elegance of the overall composition, resulting in a rug that is simultaneously playful and graceful, attractive and unique.


8. Vintage Art Deco Rug By Pierre Cardin 44896

Vintage Art Deco Rug by Pierre Cardin, Origin: Spain, Circa: Early 20th Century – This graphic carpet designed by Pierre Cardin features a sophisticated black, red and grey color scheme with subtle accents in ivory and purple, making it a beautifully representative example of vintage rugs. In the Art Deco fashion, this carpet features excellent use of shadow, perspective and color overlays to creative a high-impact design based on a simple cubic plane with pimpernel flower accents. The Pierre Cardin signature appears in the lower-right corner of this designer carpet.

9. Vintage French Art Deco Carpet 46878

Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa:Mid-century – This classical French Art Deco rug is a product of artistic innovation that incorporates novel textures, progressive color choices and a phenomenal assortment of original patterns, making it a stand out among vintage rugs. The avant-garde composition has a daring style that expertly weaves in formal elements, including the triad of modular medallion motifs and extended panels that frame the field while rejecting the title of borders. Rippling waves and tonal stripes run through the vast composition and add to the textural power of each element. Shifting patterns and staggered slices create an illusion that each motif and rectangular block is assembled from a number of infinitesimal layers. Like later works of art, groups of rippling wave motifs with hash-mark cross pieces become expressive thematic elements that appear alongside the medallions, at the corners and deliberately throughout the experimental composition.


10. Vintage French Art Deco Rug 46876

Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Mid-century – Drawn in an austere rectilinear style, this archetypal French vintage rug of Art Deco design embodies early 20th century trends and enduring discoveries that would become a lasting part of modern design. The perfectly symmetric composition focuses on a series of staggered tiles arranged in a complex series of layers that create depth and perspective. Each well-defined tile features artful wood-grain variegation and sumptuous woven textures that have an inviting, organic style. Creamy ecru accents resemble panels of blonde wood juxtaposed against deep walnut browns and warm mahoganies accented with meandering lines that resemble distressed checkering. Subtle vertical stripes add to the faux wood-grain illusion and emphasize the horizontal growth lines seen in decorative hardwoods. This captivating French art deco rug is full of texture and luxurious details that fit a timeless standard of elegance.


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